Did you ever wonder if God is gay, and all of creation is his (or her) way of having babies, of making a family?


Regardless of the human sound we speak when we think of God, the feeling of love and protection is the same. It is a spirit that call us all to become our best self, to develop deep empathy and kindness for all. It is that spirit that moves us to love a stranger, to cry if they or their children need help. So let us use our higher intelligence to step over these words, these human sounds, as if they were pretty pebbles in a gentle stream, and embrace our future in peace.


Anya was always so clear with these things, she would say, "I will tell you the name of God, yet is not a sound made with the human tongue. I want you to imagine a person you love, someone whom you would die for. Imagine someone about to harm them, you stand in the way full knowing you take the deadly blow upon yourself. Focus on that moment you step forwards and feel the love in your heart and soul, full force, fully protective and resolute. That feeling is the name of God. So whatever sound you make with your mouth, you must attach it to that feeling and God will hear you, I promise."


Dear Humanity,

Let us play truth or dare. Three choices:

1. Let one person suffer billions of times.
2. Let billions suffer once.
3. Destroy all of creation and all hope for future life.

Tell me the truth or I dare you to live my choice for even a nano second, to feel the consequences of each. The answer was always for you all to choose to be the angels of your better natures and choose personal responsibility. Then we can have our future, our paradise, our Earth, because you will have mastered free will.

Love can hurt, yet it is the only prize.



God is our creator and He is love. So how better to honour Him than to act in his image - to create with great love? Whether we are baking or painting, an architect or an engineer, we should work with love always. For when we do so this world will fix itself, will spin into virtuous cycles, healing, thriving. Were we not born to thrive? So learn what love truly is, not the sappy version but the real thing, please do, for it will save you and others. Learn because so much depends on you knowing, on all of us having a real understanding.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 8, 2016.

God turned around on his chair before coming to an abrupt stop. "I guess this is going to feel like a dream to you, perhaps your brain won't be able to hold the information at all, but let's give it a try. I don't need worship and no-one needs to believe in me. So long as they believe in love and do their best to show grace and forgiveness to others, they're alright by me. Seriously. Tell people to think for themselves, not to blindly follow others and be responsible for what they do. If a person feels severe guilt and commits to positive change it's alright to be forgiven and move forwards. A spiritually well society has happy children and those same blessed smiles carry on throughout their lives. I think that's enough for now. When you wake in the morning write this down if you can recall it."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 14, 2015*.

God is whom we serve and ask not for His service, for who can say that what He has already given is not enough? Our Mother Earth is truly beautiful. The rest of our troubles are for us to solve, by taking our focus from war onto peace, health and liberty. God cares for our troubles and through with His grace further inspiration and divine words come from the poets, the crafters of song, and though the mouths all people who create or speak with love. He stays, He listens, He loves, so be strong in your heart and care for both the people you are blessed to share you life with and natural world given so freely.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 22, 2016.

God is love and love is God. He is my compass, my companion and serenity. I see Him the actions of those around me, I see Him in faces of newborn babes, I see Him in the nascent light that fills my eyes each morning. God will never be a magician to me, or an omnipotent Santa Claus to grant gifts or wishes. He hears our prayers and is with us in our struggles, but He can only act through the willing heart. I love the scriptures but I take them in the light of what they are; well meaning works written through the lens of an ancient culture, a different time. I hold on to what I know of Him, that he is love, and love does not discriminate between gender, culture, race or sexual orientation. Love does not cast one group out in favour of another. Love does not refuse to understand the hurts of another person or another people. Love seeks to build bridges, to bring out the best in one another. So when I want to know His will, I let His love fill me, and then I know.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 19, 2014.

I have to warn you though, if you did choose to let Dakota and her baby die, God will now have to make you live through her pain in hell. That’s the way it works. You choose to make her suffer so you can be richer, you’ll have to live that pain later on, only magnified and worse. Why worse? Because you made God suffer too. You see, He loves everyone, He feels everyone’s pain. So if you chose to let Dakota suffer and die, and her unborn, you did it to God too. So you’ll have to take on the suffering of all three of them and God is paper thin. He feels everything from everyone. He feels all the terror, all the hurt, all the pain and He still pours out nothing but Love. He is amazing. Hang on. God want’s me to correct that, just when I was having fun too.

I lied about the hell bit, there is no hell but the one we make on earth, but it’s true that God feels everyone’s pain. How? I told you before, your soul is a fragment of the Divine, He is part of you. That’s how everyone has an innate moral compass, should they choose to use it. When you raise your hand against another, you raise your hand against Him too, when you help another, you help Him too. When he said He was the poor, the meek, the hungry, He wasn’t joking. He is.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 17, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


God's messenger was called on the explain disease and viruses, if God is real why do we have such things? The messenger looked back, her expression grim. "I've read before statements such as 'If God is omnipotent He is malevolent and if He is not, then He is not God.' Well, here's the thing, God is not omnipotent, you've all been asking for (been lead to expect) too much for a very long time. I read that statement as akin to saying 'If my Dad isn't the strongest man in the universe, he isn't my Dad!' Grow up. God does His best every second of every day to bring about peace, love, heaven on earth, but He's stretched to the limit trying to care for billions of people and the rest of the planet. He isn't limitless, but He is God and He loves every single one of you without conditions. He is beauty beyond measure, He is pure love, He is amazing and I love Him. He is the One True God, but that doesn't mean He is the only player in town. He will love you no matter what, but He's asking for your help. Without you choosing the side that is Love - not fear, hate, vanity, greed, sloth, envy - the world will become more hellish. He won't ever go, but He'll be stretched so thin that eventually He won't be able to reach you anymore. He has faith in humanity, every single one of us, as individuals, He seeks a personal bond with you that is Love. So with no threat of hell, with no promise of everlasting life, will you be His hands and feet? Will you work for Love? Because He needs you to choose to be kind and loving. He needs you to help Him save His Earth and humanity.


When Jayne stumbled into the centre of the maze she didn't know what to expect. The demon voices had told her all through the tunnels that she was going to hell. They had whispered her sins to her, exaggerated them and persuaded her that God would never save a wretch like her. With each tort she bit down and told herself that this wasn't about saving herself, this was a rescue mission to save God and if she had to burn then so be it. But in the centre was only an old man in a rocking chair, his white beard tumbling onto his knees. At the sound of her footsteps he turned, heavy lids almost obscuring his brown eyes.

"Jayne," he said, "you dear, dear, wonderful girl, look around you." Jayne looked to see and there was no maze at all, no steel, no demons, nothing. Then she realized the old man wasn't moving his lips but speaking directly to her mind. "Now that you have faced down your fears I can speak to you."

"Why couldn't you before?"

"I haven't had a deputy on Earth since they murdered my Son. Now I have a Daughter. Jayne, the fears aren't real, but they can make you do bad things that are real. I am only Love, there is no hell other than what My Earth is being made into. I need My humans to be My hands and feet here, then we win together and Earth becomes Peace and Love. Love is worth facing down your inner demons for, and when you do, I am waiting. No-one needs to worship Me, or even believe in a God, they only need to believe in Love and let Love be their guide."

Jayne nodded. "So will I always hear you like this now? It feels kinda crazy."

"For now, yes. When you are most frightened, yes, I will talk you down if your logic starts to fail. Logic and Love are your friend, but Love will take you further. Mostly I will quietly operate through you silently and it will feel like your own will because it is, you chose Me, you chose Love."

"What happens now?"

"Trust me, Jayne. I will protect you. But don't act too different from other people for now..."


I am told there were a group on the beach that never ran. They sat and prayed on bended knee. Personally I would have run until my lungs exploded. God is a spirit, he doesn't make or stop tsunamis, earthquakes or hurricanes. He'd love to rescue us all I'm sure, but he can't. He won't ever leave you, no matter what, but you need to help yourself. We haven't found the bodies yet and perhaps we won't; that mammoth wave pushed through the town like a mile wide freight train and went on into the forest behind. I hear there are laundry machines on top of mature trees and fragments of house spread like kitty litter.


In the cool soft light on heaven Fiona felt a rage build inside her like she'd never known before. She wanted to rip God limb from limb, make him hurt like she had, like her daughter had. He was there all the time, doing what? Watching them suffer year on year. Her head spun, she cast around at the golden trees looking for the bastard, if this meant hell then so be it. An old man was walking toward her, she launched herself in full fury, fingers curled into tight fists, arm muscles tense, ready. He didn't flinch or alter his course, he didn't raise a hand to defend himself. Fiona stopped, breathing heavily, looking into the eyes of one who was only capable of love and fell to her knees, pounding and ripping at the grass. Without meeting His gaze she asked "Why?" knowing that no explanation was needed.

"I watched over you every day of your life, I felt your pain, I worked though every good heart and mind around you to alleviate your suffering. I never left either of you, not ever."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 26, 2014.

Olivia knew she was going to hell. She'd been mean to her sister and zoned out in church. She's had lustful thoughts and not just about boys either. Her skirts had been short and she'd cheated in a math test. God wouldn't like that at all. She opened her eyes. The hospital was gone and an old man sat by her. She too was sitting in the pristine nothing. Her face buckled and she began to cry. "I tried, God, I did. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Where her tears fell new spring grass grew, flowers bloomed and from them came the fragrance of a perfect spring.

"I gave the world my son so that these sins could be washed away. You are pure as the day I brought you into being," He leant in closer, "I love you, Olivia. Would you like to see your grandmother now?" She nodded. Her grandmother appeared, her face no longer wrinkled and her hair not grey. She wrapped her in a tight hug. Apparently hell was not for Olivia after all, God had another plan for her.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 26, 2014.

Humans are a glorious concoction of matter (food and water) and love. Without love we die (one way or another). So only a God that is Love can create, no other can bring life to matter. Thus there is only one creator, not many.

That doesn't mean there isn't a beautiful spirit of mother earth or that we and the animals don't have spirits/souls too. All life is sacred, mother earth is sacred, the divine creator (the only God) is Love - and He is the powerful kind of Love.

Negative energies such as fear and hate can't create, only destroy and cause discord, cause harm and illness to natural systems - they are not creative but destructive.

Why do things have to be more complicated than that?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 26, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.


Kali turned without anger, yet exasperation was riding in her tone, “I feel God as keenly as the love I have for my husband and children. Who is to say that isn't real? For if it is not, then what is? If we can't trust our senses then the whole notion of reality is up for grabs. He is Love; I feel His presence. I hope you can too.”


There is only one God - for "God" is a term of deepest respect. There could be other entities, but they are not God. He is the Power of Love, the Creator, the Divine Spirit.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 15, 2016.