This is for all the kids I hear from who are hurting and lonely,

"When the heart is in ice, when the soul searches over wasteland with no features to hold, know that there is love in the world for you. When there is only cold darkness and the space around your skin feels like a void, know life gets better. When the walls are too thick to breach, stay strong, perhaps those walls are there to protect you. There is beauty for you ahead, just know there is. There are times in this life we live only a day at time, that we ride the river with no oars, taking what comes and doing our best. But there will come a time when you will find a safe person to trust and everything will go right, and maybe you'll be their safe person too. No matter your age, you need love every bit as much as food, water and air. Love is our birthright, an intrinsic part of our soul and what it means to be human. So for my part I'm sending you love right now, I hope you feel it. I pour it into my writing in the hope that it helps. We all need to feel connection. We all need to know we are worthy of love and I promise you that you are."

Love and hugs, Daisy xxx