It is the apparently random series of events and thoughts from any of our senses, from any stimuli, that is the fertile ground of creativity. Be it from providence or serendipity, an open brain, alert for new possibilities, is always the right place for these precious new seeds to grow. Creativity is the recombining of what is in search for truth and discovery. Thus creativity requires freedom and a sense of emotional safety, always.


My creativity loves to play in any season, whatever the weather, yet autumn has arrived. The foliage above could be my infinite dreams of scarlet and gold, playful in the soft light, colours ignited for all who care to see. They are the candles of the daylight, these trees that bring their art to our world, their branches taking root in the sky.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 18, 2019.

Creativity is atypically wide neural nets - the wiring of the brain being broader, linking to different areas. Creativity is enhanced by the arts - dance, writing, imagery and sport. It is perhaps the oldest and most effective form of brain surgery. It is the way we enhance our intelligence and increase the rate of innovation, invention and empathy simultaneously. Put simply, creativity is a transferable skill because the brain gets wired better, less single track and more a network able to interrelate concepts and knowledge, less "single track road" and more "spider web." If we push maths and science at the expense of the arts and sport, it is akin to shooting athletes in the feet and expecting them to win.


BOO!!! Are you scared? No? Oh shucks, and I tried so hard. Never mind, fear is quite harmful anyway, aren't we saturated with it?

I personally found that fear never "scared the hell out of me," but it scared the love out of me. I can't be "scared straight" but I can be scared senseless.

Fear decreases our intelligence and creativity, when I stop watching the news and horror movies my creativity surges and I feel great. Then I can be a positive influence in the world with the talents I have. Then I am happy. Then I feel blessed. xxx

BOO! Did I get you that time? What? Not even a little bit? Ah, come on! Jump a tiny bit, just for me? :)

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 23, 2015.

Authored by daisy, here.