For the apocalypse we did a transfer in the ether, not all traits, yet a few. Zeus took a portion of Hera's legendary stability, and she got a creative boost from him. And so as they stepped forwards to meet the horsemen, four to two, they did so undetected for quite some time.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 16, 2020.

If you ever find yourself in an apocalypse, pray for the dark horse angel to already be born among you. This angel warrior, this angel-witch, will show you which way it is to heaven. She will guide you and make the right kind of loving lore.


The problem with apocalyptic battles is that heaven has lost so much ground already that those who can deliver as much as a ninety-five percent victory will still lose. This is why you need the dark horse angel, only she can win on enough battle fronts to secure a positive future for your planet.


God: By now most of you should be aware that the apocalypse is well underway and more than anything it is one last chance to save creation and humanity as it exists in your era. There are considerable issues that need solving. My daughter has gone a long way toward creating a new paradigm for a new world order, one based in love rather than money. It's a tough job that's taken her the best part of a decade and a lot of suffering to complete. As we move onward the saving of your planet will be a collaboration of the best people to complete the tasks - the right skills for each fix that is required. No one person, not even her, is right for every task. This is going to depend upon a lot of very good hearted people becoming a team who trust each other to do what is right, to do what is loving, for the entire world. She will be the creative, philosophical, visionary lead, that's enough. It's a credit to her that her brain can do all this. She cannot specialise in multiple directions that require different brain sub-part configurations. There will be a lead who is a more technical managerial type who is a specialist at organising large teams who carry out complex tasks. There will be leads in a variety of scientific and local indigenous knowledge areas, including various faiths. We will be looking to bring about the best Earth restoration program that supports diversity in nature and cultures. With a God-led new world order of people who serve rather than "hold power," there is a good life waiting for everyone on Earth. It's what I always wanted for you all, yet until the point of near ecological collapse it's been impossible to make the necessary changes. I hope you will be considerate and polite with the era/paradigm transition team, they are faced with perhaps the most difficult and complex task any human has ever faced and yet they must communicate all that to the population in a way every person can comprehend. Wish them luck, even with my help, they'll need it.


If you find yourself in an apocalypse, you can be sure that cosmic justice has been given carte-blanche to do its salvage operation. You are either of use in that operation or not. Favour in such times is only a function of use.


An Ode to America

Why is it dear America,
That you are so strong of faith,
That you sing so greatly of love,
Yet permit the racism wraith,
To rob your children of security,
To bring the destruction of a war,
To escalate hell's fires,
To open negative chaos's door?
Because I wonder dear America,
If you were brought to such great faith,
As the only antidote that could ever conquer,
This callous apocalyptic wraith.


This is not a time of destruction for the sake of death, yet more as the vet who puts down a sickly dog. For if you cannot love each other, be kind, and save the fauna and flora with which you share this world, and on whom you depend and should adore, then this is how we end the madness. We are the horsemen who stop the suffering by stopping everything. It's what we do. So call it evil if you wish to be so stupid, but who could save the starving yet stands by so idle and apathetic? Who creates a prison world for animals and your own kind alike? And these prisons are of the brain and the body. Who made a financial system that is sanctified abuse of billions? I believe it was you humans. So by all means shake your fist at the sky and blame the God who loves you, but we are here to help Him too, because unless you start loving , caring and nurturing your God will be in more pain than even a deity can process. So dial up the love real loud and do it now, or we end this, that's our job, to end pain and exterminate what cannot be fixed. Change now or this is the apocalypse.

We are the mercenaries, the mercy of Aries, God of War, and we do it for love. So, do you need the sort of mercy we can provide? Or do you wish to listen to the God of Love? Really, we're on the same side... both one entity and separate... that is the nature of God... the devil is someone else entirely.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 14, 2019.

All the once green lands of the earth were no more than ash and charcoal. The air was heavy with the smell of burnt flesh and smoke hung in a haze that partially obscured the blood-red sun. The cities stood like skeletons, baren wastelands, empty now that disease had taken whatever the fire did not. Even the oceans stood still like semi-stagnant pools of death and decay, there were no waves as even the wind had left the earth. The skies were barren, no birds flew or sang, And all the while the oppressive heat rained down like the breath of hell.

By robertgreen, October 29, 2013.

From every corner of the earth came the signs that the apocalypse was upon us. Famine and disease stalked every land and the death toll was in it's billions. It was being described as the end times in the few media outlets that still ran. The big cities became derelict shells and the surviving refuges sought shelter in the countryside, where they were shot on sight for fear that they brought the disease with them. There were no more burials, the living would no longer approach a corpse, so they rotted right out in the open with their unseeing eyes staring at the unravelling civilization. There was no more electricity as the workers for the plants had died and soon luxuries like running clean water and flushing toilets had ended. With the breakdown in sanitation ...

By james, November 8, 2013*.

When the four horsemen came and sat astride their black steeds on the hill, it was the closest thing such demons can come to happiness. There was a whole world to kill and nothing to stop them. Conquest, War, Famine and Death surveyed the world with eyes that saw right to the heart of every person on earth and they were pleased. Conquest would strike ideas into the nations, War would make sure they fought with the most fearsome weapons modern science could offer, Famine would ensure the crops failed as they focused on fighting and Death would claim every last one of them.

By robertgreen, October 29, 2013.

The book of revelation lay open on the deserted street. As the ink turned to red the book started to bleed. The scarlet droplets oozed out onto the cracked asphalt and took the shape of four curled figures. When the four horsemen rose to their black leather clad feet and called forth, the hooves of four black horses echoed through the otherwise silent city. The horsemen sprung upon them. Each one then blackened as if he were becoming one with the shadows and then became no more than a dark mist. But they had not gone, they were merely released into the world to do their work. The apocalypse had just begun.

By robertgreen, October 29, 2013.

The apocalypse had been nothing like the scriptures had predicted, only the messenger bore some resemblance to prophecy by her low birth and lineage. She finished the process of "waking up" and "connecting" in 2015, though she had always known her task it had been buried deep to protect her until adulthood. She was in the most precarious of positions, the message was so simple it was unlikely to be taken seriously, but the last thing the world needed was another religion to fight over, another holy book to be confused about.

With her connection she knew with certainty that the Creator was there and what his nature was, but there were inches of "scripture" that could be quoted to oppose her as people struggled to avoid a change that frightened them. So her first task was to reduce fear, to explain that there is no hell except what the earth is being made into. The next job wasn't as easy, the three main religions that had sprung from Abraham felt that they had been promised an eternal life in "heaven" with no real concept as to where or what it was. Science hadn't found such a thing but still they had "faith" it was there.

The messenger had to explain that there is only the earth for humans, at least for a long time to come, so should there actually be "life after death," it would be here on this planet. She had to encourage them to see their life, each day, as a special gift on the Creator's planet and not ask for more. Instead they should ask how they could help the Creator fix his planet, to stop polluting, to stop killing, to fix their cultures. But she had to point out they they couldn't serve the Creator until they truly understood His ways.

She was to first point them toward the First Nations of the North Americas as a culture to treat with deep respect. Before their near annihilation they had known the Creator, they had understood how to live in harmony, how to raise their children. It was time to create harmony, to love with passion, and be humble.


Outside the maze was sunshine enough to see the towering walls of steel and the late evening was quiet enough to hear the moans of those who had tried before her and lost their minds. Jayne was chosen to brave the maze, should she reach the centre the spell would be broken for the entire planet and they would have a second chance to beat the demon ruler. That was the law and it was an ancient magic, one even the demon could not break. But in that maze she would have to face her own personal fears, every one of them and still proceed to the centre. She would hear taunting voices and see her worst fears brought to life. She would hear how she was unworthy. She would be goaded into committing betrayals against those she loved, because to betray love was to betray God. She would have a hundred ways to fail and only one to succeed. She had to walk through every fear, face down her own demons and do no harm. She clenched her jaws together and set off into the maze with no torch, no guide, no map, but with her eyes wide open. Succeed and the whole world won a second chance to bring God back, the God who was Love, fail and the demon kept power in his relentless quest to turn God's planet into a hell.


When the final days for the humans of planet Earth came, they came out in droves to plead their innocence. The alien high command looked at them through his compound eyes, his mouth a thin line. Extermination was an unpleasant business and even more so when the dominant species was sentient - but they weren't the only sentient species on the planet and the law of Galaxy 5 had to be applied. The humans had been sent the required number of messages through their "prophets" despite their penchant for killing them. Now the populations cried, "It wasn't us! It was the corporations, we just did what we had to do to survive!" The alien commander couldn't speak human, not in any dialect, it just sounded like so much bleating to him. He punched a button on his translator and his mouth became an even grimmer slash, mandibles clicking in irritation. He made his reply.

"You all voted with your tokens system - money - every day. You bought products made with the sweat of children and slavery. You preferred factory farmed meat to lentils and herbs. You abused your own kind, killed them, waged war after war despite being told not to kill. You have run your economies to the degradation of this planet, all other species and even your own. Your warnings came from the Creator Herself, and still you ignored them. Remorse is easy when you face annihilation, but it doesn't last long. Real change is boring, it takes tedious work on a daily basis. There are no fan-fares or celestial rewards. If you weren't all so desperate to get to your "heaven" you'd have realized you're already there. But before you complete the process of making it a "hell" we have come to save Planet Earth - whether you like it or not. We aren't cruel, there won't be any pain, it'll be just the same as before you were born."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 24, 2015.

After a time we relaxed. We realized the apocalypse was simply a rescue mission from our creator. For the sheep being corralled out of fear there was only blessed relief and the knowledge that He was really there. For these "common people" there was forgiveness combined with a new mission for all. We were all to be the guardians of Earth - of each other, of the animals, of the environment - and that was the only type of worship that meant anything. He wanted brave lions and lionesses, fiercely loving and loyal, independent thinkers pursuing knowledge. He taught that the enemy was fear and without it Earth would be heavenly. He taught that it didn't matter what religion you were, or if you had none, that letting the spirit of love be your guide was enough. It was time to tell the wolves to stick it and reject a future of being caged and groomed to be "good little consumers." We learned that every action to help was priceless and our lives, our loves, were more meaningful that we had ever imagined. We were called into action and it was the most divine moment in our history.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 21, 2015.

The end times came when baby girls were being murdered in their millions within the womb. It was a holocaust of the unborn. Those girls born became in short supply and instead of being cherished all the more they were in danger of being attacked, traded, bought like cattle. Without love they became depressed and in the violent sink hole that society had become the men were their number one cause of death and injury. Without Love they couldn't reach Him, and instead were trapped in a hellish brutal existence.

Without the love of women the men deteriorated, violence begetting violence and in a twisted way some came to enjoy dominating the fairer sex as masters. The creator, being a loving God, could not stand back and let the planet He created to be heaven turn into hell, and so He returned. The people were given a chance to amend their ways, to honour their women and girls and return to forming loving families. He extended His love and told them that women are equal to men, and the infanticide was a crime against God and women. He said that real men are protectors, brave, courageous and kind - not Neanderthals who would murder their own daughters before they had a chance to be born. The message was extended and then He waited for the response...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 20, 2015.

The apocalypse came, but not as predicted in fire and brimstone. Their creator and heavenly father was in pain, watching the destruction of his beautiful earth. He loved the world with a power that humans can only glimpse in the love they have for their children. It wasn't just the earth He loved though, He loved each and every human as if it were his own child. He knew them all by name and was with them in every struggle, but the tipping point had come.

In a few short years the Earth's climate would spiral out of control, then every sentient creature on the planet would live painful lives of suffering. He never intended it to be so, He wanted Heaven on Earth but soon it would be a living hell with no way back. And so he reached out not with fire and brimstone, but with Love, because the divine is love.

He sent a message to the humans telling them that they must only be be guided by love for one another, their fellow creatures and the planet He loved so much. He had created paradise through eons of evolution, and its destruction was too much to bear. He would never hurt any of his creations, but neither would he let them suffer as His heavenly Earth became hell through fear, greed, sloth, envy, jealousy and vanity.

He pleaded with them, "For the Love of God, save the Earth, Love one another. I don't need you to be my "children," I need you to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. I need you to strive every day to only live though Love. Be educated, be artistic, be creative, be scientific, be philosophical, enjoy your lives - but my creations, humans included, are priceless, not worthless. Don't put money before life, feed the poor, clothe them, show them Love. I don't care if you worship me or not, I don't care what religion you are or if you have none. Rituals mean nothing to me. You can pray anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I will hear you. Be kind to animals. Don't pollute. Know that I am Love and I can only save this Earth with your help.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 18, 2015.

Petrified by the sight and sound of great cities falling around them, and roaring waves crashing toward them, the fleeing multitudes, with struck hearts failing within them, were tossed and flung like rag dolls, to be entombed or engulfed, or stoned from above, until the ancient world came to an apocalyptic end.

By albee, July 6, 2014.

Found in From Rahab to Revelation.., authored by A.M.Cornford.


A collosal monochromatic canvas. A memento of a fallen era.
Great leafless trunks of grey man-rock sprouted from barren soil, sheltered under a churning mass of dull grey clouds. The air was thick and noxious, rank with the smell of ash and death.
An era had fallen. An era of men, as they called themselves. Beings of the earth, or so they claimed, even as they desecrated the ground below them.
No more. We have taken what is rightfully ours.

By anjuna, June 12, 2015.