Becoming independent is an adventure for sure, yet one I want to go into with both eyes open. I can't be one of those as the hampster on the wheel, or one who justifies their days as a way to a comfortable old age... there is so very much more to living: nature, joy, music, dance, friends and love. So as I take these steps to independence, it is with those things as priorities. I want to really live and be so grateful for a the opportunity to do so, not take the blinkers that come with so many "dollar bills."


Carl ran his hand through his close cropped hair three times in quick succession and fixed his father in a stare that could have frozen the Pacific. He snarled more than spoke. "Once I get a deposit together I'm outta here. I'm gonna be independent, get my own place, decorate it better than this shit hole you provide. You're not a Dad, you're a fail, a loser. You don't even make twenty bucks an hour!" His father dropped his gaze to the floor and hooked his thumbs into his worn jeans. These long years since Carl's mother had died had been the toughest. Shouting at his son never worked and he didn't have the chops for it anymore.

"Son, I will support you no matter what you decide, but nobody is independent, that's just the biggest myth out there."

"No, Dad, it's not. I make more than you already, I'm going and you can't stop me."

"Son, I'm not stopping you, but I love you, and like I said, no-one is independent." Carl took a step towards his Dad, a vein almost popping in his temple and his fists tightly clenched. The old man stayed right where he was. "Everyone depends on someone, Carl. Someone's gotta pour that concrete for your condo, someone empties the trash, someone grows your food. Hell, even if you go live in a mountain hut you still depend on the wildlife. I know you're angry son, but you're not the only one that loved her. I lost her too." Carl took another step forwards, now almost nose to nose.

"She was an angel and you cheated on her with, what was her name again? Was she someone you 'depended on,' Dad?" The old man stayed still, it was bad enough that he'd never forgive himself, but to Carl it was like he'd killed her...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 8, 2015*.