As poet Kahlil Gibran eluded to in his work, "The Prophet," we can only build a better world with the hands of those who are willing to work for joy rather than money. The money-nexus is killing us, killing our planet, robbing our children of everything right down to their sanity. And so this new world must be a love-nexus, we must choose love over money. Faith says it is right and science shows it is the only way. Free of money we'll have real trustworthy science again. We can direct resources to bring best global health. It'll be a mental workout for sure, but we've been making insane choices for far too many generations. We can work it out.


As Kahlil Gibran said, in his work "The Prophet,"

“Work is love made visible.”

Thus, when we see what each other has made or done, we can see what the other loves. And this is true of what we say, how we say it and the care with which we choose our words, the anthems of our cultures. There are languages in which “child” translates as “sacred gift,” a constant link for the brain between our children and how we should see and treat them.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 26, 2020.

Found in Nexus; A Treatise in Defence of Love as Mankind's Answer, authored by Angela Abraham.


What is work? Because honestly most jobs are bullshit. The work that creates real value - childcare, research, building, teaching, art - is barely paid at all, while the banksters and lawyers rake it in. It's no wonder the world is in a negative spin, it's the polluters and the economic-leeches that get fat in this rigged game of some eighty years, the one we call economics. I say take away the money and let us play, because I tell you that once the bullshit is gone art is play, science is play, maths is play and engineering is play. Once the stress is gone, once the power play and attitude problems of the entitled elite is gone - almost anything can be play. Your fancy cars and vacations don't give me the time I need to care for my kids, or be there for a friend; they're the gold handcuffs I can do without. Let's make a world that rewards things that make living healthier, happier and more worthwhile. Polluting earth, creating stress, strutting puffed up egos while others go hungry isn't life, it's barely human. Maybe universal basic income is a start, but it ain't the end, the end is true liberty without the bribe currency brings. I'm not a donkey needing a carrot; I'm an awful lot more than that.