The woman observes me with the gaze of a stranger, that aloof judgement with no strings. From afar she has made some opinion of me. I don't mean to speak ill of her, she must do this, as must we all. Though we walk in a modern age with gadgets our fore-bearers could never have dreamt of, there is a part of us that is forever the tribal hunter. We must make an observation, a casual assessment. Friend or foe? And how do we make such a judgement? Clues to social class, to stage of life and group affiliations. At the same time we judge attractiveness, fitness being a key part. There's nothing to be ashamed of should these thoughts “pop up.” But always our logical brain must dominate and know, that whilst these “first impressions” kept our ancestors alive, they are social poison for us. To rise above such primitive assessments is to win a future without war and prejudice, but then I'm a deep thinker, a dreamer. Maybe most folks are mulling over dinner options and their next coffee.