Emotional indifference itself isn't evil, there are times we need it as a valid form of defence from emotional abuse both in personal relationships or in dealing with others who intend to con, mislead or dominate through power. Emotional indifference is thus at times an acceptable response to protect the self. As with all things, however, it can be overused, and if that is the case then we are in danger of building a cold self capable of evil. Balance is key. The ability to "shift gears" in the brain according to the "terrain" is a sign of good health; an inability to shift back into loving empathy however is a sign of the opposite.


The opposite of love ain't hate, that's just a warped version of love itself, one that uses the same bit of the brain. Hate tells that once there was love and that love is still possible. Nah, the opposite of love is indifference. It's something cold that never stirs itself, never cries with passion; indifference ignores, abandons, acts as if the other doesn't matter at all. It is as cold as the void, an emptiness that cares not if the other suffers.


"Does anyone think there's something worse than hate?"

The classroom was quiet for what seems like forever, Dylan would have shout how 'THERE'S NOTHING WORSE THAN HATE', He had every right to believe that after all; he had to watch his older brother kill his parents years back, he had every right to believe hate was the worse.

But before he could speak Cassey spoke, "Indifference is worse." The teacher's eyes wandered over to Cassey, "Why do you think Indifference is the worse?" The teacher asked Cassey, she looked up, her face showed boredom to the question as if the question itself was stupid.

"Indifference; lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. Indifference to the one that hates you shows blandly. While one willow in their hate towards you, the person who's hated by you does not care, while you drive yourself mad, the person you hate is happy elsewhere, you are no longer their concern, you were an afterthought, not relevant enough to stick and not important enough to appear often. Indifference towards hate is anything but remorseful."

By Empress Child, June 21, 2020.