Beloved, be loved all of your days. Be loved from the first newborn rays of the dayshine to the first cascade of stars in the sweet ebony dark. Be loved for all the wondrous things you are, for the love within and that which you radiate into the world. Be loved while I may hold you close and when you are far away. And that I love you this way, and you love me this way, is how we can say we are each other's beloved.


I won’t let a another tear fall alone
I won’t ever leave you on your own
Child put down your fears and come to me
And then I will help you to see
There’s beauty in everything
From the top of the hills to the birds that sing
You are more beloved to me than these
So I will not let you be taken by the next breeze
Child, child won’t you come to me
And then I’ll make you free
I’ll show you the deepest ocean
How the waves lick the shore in rhythmic motion

By twilightlover77, February 14, 2018.

There is a specific love for the one close to your pumping heart. There is a word for your special person lingering in the back of your mind. This abundance of love is shared for all who know the loved one.

By Franklin Cole, September 24, 2017.