My wild heart longs for you; I have asked for you in my every prayer. Your leaving me alone is like some reflex of my bad karma, I had committed years ago. Now that you have left, it's like I am dyeing a hundred deaths each moment.
My eyes go numb when reminded of you, o My Love. It hurts like prick. What has happened to me; I don't understand. Has something broken inside me? Probably.
I can't live anymore without you? Why? I loved you, perhaps? Is there a question after all? I regret that I couldn't confess it to you. My heart has shouted your name whole night, I have asked for you in my each prayer.
You were intoxicated, but I had to pay for it. Without you, I am impossible. How much does love hurt? I think this couldn't be more, but this only gets worse.

By disha_2007, June 1, 2020.

I can't live without you, anymore. Without you, what is the purpose of my existence? If I will embrace you, I'll embrace my soulless self.
Because it is you. Only you. You are my life. You're my pain- you're my relief. You are my love.
What is your relationship with me, that I can't afford to stay a moment away from you? I live for you everyday, my time is devoted to you. No moment is a moment without you. Your name is etched on each breath of mine.
I have lived only for you; I am prepared to die for you. Your thoughts gave me the emotional support I needed in your absence. They took out the grief which presided in my heart, but now the melancholy has returned with thrice the effect.
You are my lucky-clover. I am content with you.

But all these years, that I've tried to stay away, tried to keep you safe from my evil clutches- they are heart wrenching. I can't endure the pain anymore!

By disha_2007, June 1, 2020.

As I stand on the roads wet with rain drops, I wait for you to show up. I name the acres of my heart to you. I want to lose myself in you such that, I would never find myself again. Gradually, I give up my life to be spent with you. As I come close to you, my heart breaks, with the mere thought that you hold so much power in my life; your single wrong decision would take me away from you. Like the clouds, you have fallen upon me; like the lovely rain, you have wet my life with love, and happiness. You have stirred my senses.
My destiny is like a new dawn, which you've brought. I need to spend my entire life with you. Be mine, love- I want to say, but I am dumb, because I don't wanna hurt you.

By disha_2007, June 1, 2020*.