Listen with your heart for the emotions below the words, the fears, the hopes, the needs and speak to that. Speak to the ruptured souls that need comfort and to see that joy is something tangible and realistic. Then, the truth comes though, the reconciliation and the will for compassion, the sort of emotions that bring communities together in real friendship.


So many things are irrelevant because the way forward is the same no matter where you stand right now. If you think God created the earth and all life, you're right, He did. If you believe in evolution you are also right, that is how He works. If you don't believe in God that doesn't make a difference either because whether you call it love, an inner moral compass, or God, all those words mean the same thing to me. What do I believe? I believe our souls are fragments of our creator, fragments of perfect Love. But you don't have to believe me, I'm not even asking you to, it's quite irrelevant.

If you believe our world is in ecological peril and we need to act, you are right. We have mass extinction and a loss of genetic diversity - also in important crops. We need bees for pollination and they are dying. Our obsession with producing disposable goods we don't need is polluting the earth, the oceans and the skies. It doesn't matter a jot if you believe in climate change or not, the path to save our planet's natural ecosystems is the same regardless. Save the earth for God, save it for future generations, save it for the sake of our fellow species, it doesn't matter what your motivation is, I don't even need to know. Ecological devastation is bad for everyone.

If you think women should have the right to decide what happens in their own bodies, you are right. If you think the unborn is sacred, you are also right. The way forward is not to prevent abortion, but to create a society in which everyone's basic human needs are guaranteed and met free of charge. Once you do that, really treat all children as sacred, the abortion clinics won't have any customers.

It's time to see that your future is a common path, the first step to healing is a form of socialism (sharing), it's a new way for the world that leads to no money but real wealth for all - we feed and shelter the world. The later stage looks more like the decentralized libertarian model but still without money...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 28, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.