Dear Politicians,

The world needs a plan that coordinates a global response for all world citizens to:

The water crisis - in terms of both farming and drinking water
Global malnutrition and hunger
Food insecurity caused by desertification of once fertile land
Homelessness and cramped/unsanitary living conditions
Debt slavery and its impact on health and childhood adversity
Climate change
World forestry decline
Biodiversity decline
Bee, pollinator and insect population crisis
Decline in fish stocks and ocean health
Pollution of air, land and sea
Risk of pandemics from novel and known pathogen threats
Threats to liberty and freedoms in face of authoritarian and facist rule
Threats to true democracy and honest communication vs propaganda.
Access to contraception
Access to medical care, especially vaccination programs and maternal/infant care.
Access to a quality education with special consideration for women and girls.
Education styles that squanders human innate genius.

If it isn't one plan that deals with all threats concurrently, then you aren't bright enough to lead anyone and should start listening to people who are.


A Generation That Wants a Planet for their Children to Live On.


Politicians? Oh what a primitive warlike race. They play their game of intrigue and lust for power, they war among themselves for selfish reasons of course. Lies pass through their lips to make people support them. But, really its like a zoo we better not let them have too much much power and set loose otherwise it would be havoc.

By thomasg, August 12, 2014.

The power wielded by the Freemen was such, that the politicians and diplomats had failed miserably in their attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement. This had come as little or no surprise of course, for it had long been common knowledge that the majority of politicians were members of clandestine clubs and secret societies which supported both the Elite and their ideal.

By albee, August 13, 2014.

Found in From Rahab to Revelation.., authored by A.M.Cornford.


People in power are there because they crave it, they are the least suitable to lead yet that is all our current system can give us - power hungry sociopaths. And to any politician who thinks that isn’t true, stand up and say what state the earth is really in with no sugar coating. Say that the banks and corporations bought your loyalty long ago and you don’t represent us because in your expensive private education you learnt that the rest of us are peasant scum. Even if you do this, though I’ll think of you more highly, your time is done. It’s time nice guys finished first and Love wasn’t seen as weakness but the greatest strength humans will ever know. Love with a fiery passion, Love with the heart of a lion, Love without borders, Love like your life and the planet depends on it, because it does.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 27, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.