It was a scorching hot summers day: perfect for a day at the fair. The sky was dotted with a few candy-floss clouds. The entrance could be seen in the distance and the long queues edged forward slowly. Customers were becoming increasingly excited and impatient as they took a few steps forward every so often. Faint music could be heard from beyond the tall gates with the occasional happy scream suddenly piercing the air. Closer to the entrance and the massive structures of the rides could be seen: a rollercoaster, a big wheel, a helter skelter. Below, younger children stood watching, eating their sweets and snacks. Ice creams wobbled perilously over the cones and dripped down their small fingers as they melted; some munched on brightly coloured balls soft sugar strands that dissolved on the tongue - sweeter than sweet and sticking to the teeth better than glue. A few ate too much and complained to their mummies and daddies...

By lonesnowwolf, January 16, 2015.
Occult & Supernatural

It was dark enough for the owls to tuck in, but the stalls and booths set beyond her vibrated under the moonless night that the darkness was hardly remembered. Most people wandered from stall to stall, sampling mulled wine and skewered meat, fondling velvet-line hood and tokens, but Althea mulled over the sight of her pack from afar with her hands tucked in her pockets.She understood how her people worshiped the Market Carnival, the only time of the year where the day is long but the night was even longer, and the doors of her pack were open for anyone that carries their blood. They danced to the bonfire cradled in the center like flames to the mole. Beautiful girls and boys moved to the music that came from nowhere and everywhere till their foot aches and legs gave out. Where kisses were cheaper than wine, but the wine was sweet as nectar and food was spiced and the fruits were all bruised.

By habiba mohamed, October 1, 2017.