Earth is coding. This is an ER call. Time to co-ding. Double up the agents. It is time to pair up. Last call for Planet Earth. All out now. All out resus coding.


Open Sesame!
Open see same me!
Oh! Pen! See same me!

Pen as a cage.
Pen as words.

O as the zero of binary.
O.pen as a multiplication that eradicates the cage.

"See same me" - as the basic unit of trust in human psychology.
Trust as essential to love.
Love as our treasure.
Love as the gates of heaven.
Open Sesame!

This is your basic operating system, your O.S (Open Sesame). This is everyday language. This is an encryption key. What you need is right there in front of you, it always was. There are different elements for different aspects of brain functionality and impace behaviour, reaction and response. This is a form of code. Consider this the encryption key you need to begin.


Intergalactic interventions are done by groups of conservationists who are pragmatic and kind. We need to code up your languages, find how the neurological issues and guide the species to discover how to fix it themselves. If we arrived and did it on your behalf you, and the rest of the galaxy, would call it an invasion or "take over." Even if we did it kindly that would be the case - especially with a species still battling me vs. me. Indeed, we have very different policies for more evolved species, talking is easier and trust is natural. Anyhow, try not to "shoot the messengers," there's a good chap.