We write to set things right, whatever did you think writing was?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 23, 2019.

They say in natural foods "God never packs the poison without the antidote," with our fructose comes fibre. Yet in writing it often feels like we can't pack the social antidotes without a dose of poison, otherwise the message is distrusted or rejected as dull. The only way to truly teach is with great stories and the social appetite for horror and violence creeps ever higher, we addicts always craving a higher "hit." To bring the right dose of poison in the right way, whilst leaving a lasting impression that brings the social discourse forwards is the skill of a great artist, a great writer.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 30, 2015.

This brain, the one that never stops analyzing and manufacturing new material is both a blessing and curse because while it can bring you so much joy and satisfaction, it also reminds you of the life you don’t have, and the people you’ll never know, and the love you don’t feel. It creates a whole novel out of nothing, and theres no way to turn that off, so meaningless exchanges that strike you wrong become giant scenes of drama and angst that antagonize you to the point of anxiety, but since others don’t think the same way you do, they don’t understand why you’re so upset because your worries aren’t even real, they’re literally all in your head or on the paper in front of you. They’re not real, it’s not real, it’s something coming out of absolutely nothing, but to you it’s everything and it kills you when someone strikes down the things you have spent hours thinking about because to you, your mind is your biggest asset, it’s the source of what makes you, you, it’s your art form, the way you express yourself, so seeing someone label it as invalid feels like them saying your existence is nothing. Sure that graffiti on the wall or the words on the bathroom stall may be insignificant to most, but to you it’s so much more because everything in this world has a story of how it came to be, and while most just see the present, you have the capability to simultaneously recognize the past, present, and future, and morph it into a source of entertainment. If you don’t understand any of this, then you must not be a writer, but if this is striking a cord with you, and the words I am saying are making you feel a buzz within, sparking the inspiration and making your brain kick into overdrive, your fingers itching to get their hands on a pen or a keyboard to write what’s occurring within your mind, then you are a writer.

By kcoolman, June 9, 2015.

...Hang on, Marsha’s back. She wants to know what I’m doing. I’m giving her the “not now” look and shooing her with my hands but she has no intention of moving. So I tell her I’m in the middle of creating a new writing genre and she says, “What?”

“Fuction,” I say and she almost spits the take-out coffee she’s drinking.

“Dai, I think you missed out an “n.”

“No, Marsha. It’s Fuction, functional fact fiction. Fuction.”

“Spelled f, u c,..” She dissolves into a puddle of laughter and I can see her stomach shaking as she fights a new gale of giggles.

“No, Marsha, I don’t spell it that way, no 'k',' K?. And I’m kinda busy right now. I have a new friend over too.” She looks around the room. Thankfully she can’t see you there, I guess you’re blending right into the couch. Well done. She pulls her mouth to one side, like a lopsided pout and I can see her cogs turning as her eyes narrow just a bit...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 12, 2015*.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


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By loki, November 22, 2011.

When you are writing a book, it's just not writing your thoughts. It's creating people. It's creating an alternate universe to ours.

You have the power to destroy a life, but to also make a new one. You have the power to see the destination, while your people are left wondering if their creator will allow them to see that accomplishment. You are their God, their Creator. You have the ability to make anything happen.

Life, Death. Sickness, Health. Rich, Poor. Compassionate, Cold. Sane, Insane. Happiness, Sadness.

You have the ability to control all this as the words are carved by your hands. You have a universe in your hands - Yours, and only yours. And one day, you will share that universe to others, and give them a chance to see yet another story of another person.

You are your own God. Writers, Artists, Directors - They create another alternate universe, and they are Gods and Goddesses too. They are, in a sense, your brothers-and-sisters-in-arms.

It's breathtaking, when you realise just how much power you have. And what will you do with this power, knowing you have so much?

By FelinaTheDevil, August 24, 2016.