In this ever-busy and pressured society, there are times our teenagers need "coffee shop" parenting. They need us to be as a friendly barista, ask them how their day has been and pass them food and drinks. They need that quiet calm space, a sanctuary in which nobody will ask them for anything, or even need them to pay attention. After all, isn't that huge part of why we love to go to a cafe or restaurant - for the sense of nurture and order? It would be easy to become offended in some manner, or upset, asking if that is all your child now needs you for. Grow up. They are young immature humans and if you can't be the "big one" then who will? Plus, when you've made your "mammas and papas" cafe, they will always come back, always need and want to talk with you. And isn't that what parents really want?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 28, 2020.