We can restructure the global economy to promote human and environmental welfare in a few easy moves. First we need to free up money, so we take the education budget and the "petty crimes" budget. With these large sums we make child benefit payments to every parent, fund arts programs because they are healing and create a system of poor relief to provide free food and shelter. We can also look at, in the medium term, moves to make food and housing basic human rights and provide a high standard to all rather than having it part of a monetary economy. We make homeschool educational TV programs and YouTube videos; we make it easier for kids to specialise according to their own unique talents and retain their innate genius. These moves will prevent much mental illness, physical illness and crime, they will promote personal healing, community healing and give us room to cope better with covid-19 and any future pandemics. And I may be "just" a creative writer, but this is a serious proposal to restructure the global economy. Teachers become tutors, many restaurants become providers of food for the poor... it actually all works out rather well for everyone... plus, when we take into account the disparity in death rates between the poor and richer people in America (as shown by death rates of black and white people), to not tackle the correlation between poverty and death would be a form of social murder.