Dear Queen of England,

I grew up working class, the daughter of a taxi driver. Yet some of my family were more educated and affluent, and what I noticed was that they were less pro-monarchy than most of the poor. It is as if in all the stress of making money to eat and have a home, you became someone the working class relied on, our Queen. What I am saying is, even among those who grumble about royalty and privilege, you are very loved and respected.

And here is the reason I explain that. The poor were conned into voting for Brexit. England imports over eighty percent of our fruit and over forty percent of our vegetables. Our farmers make more from EU subsidies than by selling their food. We are about to lose many jobs that will hit the poor hardest. Already one in five our your subjects, children included have not enough to eat and have toxic levels of stress that bring early death and sickness. Brexit could take this mess and create civil unrest. In these times we look to our Queen for protection and wise choice, to tell the nation the truth that the politicians withhold. You know your position is one of service, yet these arguing politicians act as if they think it is about power and celebrity.

The people who have been lied to and cannot see the truth are the ones about to be hurt. They need their Queen to step in, someone they love and trust. It is the only peaceful way out of this mess, the only one that will unify England and bring sanity back to our land. They are as arguing children who need "mother" to step in, block Brexit and restore a sense of safety.

Perhaps this step has been troublesome for previous monarchs, to tell politicians "No," but trust me when I say that you are loved enough to do this.

Yours in good faith,

Angela Abraham