The queen, in person, is much like the king. In our kingdom we have no ideas such as the queens of your fairytales; our history is one of egalitarianism, strong leaders with a sense of duty, sacrifice and protection. So, she had better role models I suppose, athletic women, all capable of taking command. We find your role models for women worrisome, so much psychological battery to starve and be weak, together with well intended calls for strength bringing cognitive dissonance - psychological torture en mass. With healthy role models, children learn easily what a lifetime of school cannot teach. They see our queen - a healthy, strong, decision-maker, freely cooperative not subordinate - and they become it too. Surely you know how natural learning works? We do.

Thus, we know the importance of having the right queen, not by blood or birth, but by who her spirit shows her to be, by her authentic self. Our queen is loving, empathic, clever, artistic, spiritual, practical, athletic, motherly and devoted to the service of others. She is honest, forgiving, compassionate, joyful and grateful. She is a humanitarian, an environmentalist and full of life. Our queen is a scientist, a writer, a philosopher and athlete. She is brave, giving and nurturing. She is all these things naturally.

Your monarchy has been entitled, unhappy, dysfunctional, aloof, unfit - obsessed with wealth, power and status... and look what you got. On our planet, we have a healthy society because we learned basic biology better than you, it's the foundation for everything. Natural God given leaders provide the north on your moral compasses, they are as the stake to the tomato vine, the anchor for the nation. A queen will have both great wisdom and a child's heart. She can live in modest homes, sleep under trees, eat ordinary food and still have the respect of nations. I wish you had leaders as such as ours, to heal yourselves and your planet... but perhaps you do, can you find your queen?