Dainty bare toes gripped the golden boughs of the ancient trees as the Lady Elves gracefully walked with an enchanting song rising forth from their pale lips. Their bright eyes glinted in the pale light of their blue lanterns like the moonlight reflecting on a shimmering pool. With their long, elegant lashes blinking patiently, it was almost hypnotizing to watch them in their glistening white and blue robes that hung around their ankles with translucent silks. Their lobe-lacking ears pointed toward their silver crowns, which were entwined within their soft iridescent hair. The nightingales fell silent to hear the Lady Elves' song, a lullaby to all creatures, a saddened goodbye to the falling sun, and a praise to their rising moon.

By zmori, September 20, 2013.

The elf was not like his brethren. He did not have the urge to be good or help. He didn't want to make toys or sing. He wanted to start a car workshop in Queens. He had spoken about his ambition gaily in the canteen last year and they others fell about like it was the greatest joke ever. They slapped him on the back and with hearty guffaws they returned to their stations. No-one had mentioned it since.

He was about as tall and butch as your average thirteen year old with a similar quantity of facial hair - none. So there was that. Then there was his lack of start up capital due to that fact that Santa paid in smiles and appreciation. So there was that. Then there was his lack of experience with real engines. Then one day there was an opening in the sleigh team, the sleigh had an engine. He held his head high and requested the transfer. He'd be starting as a polisher of course, but he was 237 years young and he had lots of time to work his way up to engineer.

By ingridsaxony22, October 18, 2014.