"What if, humans became weapons themselves? There would be no need for guns, tanks, knives, or something as measly as a protection vest. If we combine our intellectual ability with insurmountable strength, we would become indestructible beings. Think about it. Wars would end as soon as they commence, don't you think?"
- Richard Anderson, Wednesday November 16, 2031.

They call him a genius. We call him delusional.

By dawncharms, April 6, 2016.

It is almost as though he is both his adult self and childish self simultaneously. As if he never fully managed to grow up, part of him left behind in childhood, possibly because his emotions, so tightly reined in, could not manage to grow or mature. He still seems to retain the innocence (yet not the naivety) and on occasion the emotions of his childish self, a young boy with outstanding deductive and analytical powers yet still, at heart, a child. A normal child with a sense of adventure, perhaps more pride than most, and maybe...emotion. I find myself wondering when he locked up his emotions and threw away the key, and hoping I can find this key and return it to him, so he can express emotion once again.

By Junaid Hossein, May 28, 2013.

Authored by Eupa, here.


It was narcissism to think for a second that they would be humanoid and absolutely delusional to think that they'd be like anything from this earth. It was apparent that they were sentient, intelligent beings-- yet, they had nothing that could be recognized as any form of nervous system. They communicated with frequencies that were inaudible and saw colors that to us, were invisible. There was only one thing we knew about the F'Gorax: No human could ever understand them.

By dino, February 24, 2015.

Super strong, devoid of emotion, ruthless, without pity, uncaring, callous, monster, zombie, werewolf, vampire.

By angela, March 5, 2012.