In those first few months after the accident Lara had all the emotion of wet concrete, her facial muscles just as loose. There was no anger, no sadness, no joy or resentment. She never even appeared bored as she sat on that plastic chair near the garden window, that at least would have been something. For all the presence she brought to the room she might as well have been a store mannequin. The best I could say for her was that she was compliant, almost robotic. Everyone said it was shock for the first little while, but once we were way past using that as an explanation the visits to the "doctors" began. Each one had a new idea, new diagnosis, new recommendation for the latest drug on the market. The emotionless state remained. That's how we ended up here, kill or cure, and frankly it's anyone's guess as to where things are headed right now...


"What's your name?" I ask shyly, staring in to his black emotionless eyes. "My name's Kelse."

"Nyx." His voice was like no ordinary voice, it gave me a glow inside. But the look in his eyes was not so friendly. I smiled kindly at him anyway.

"Nice name," I say after a long silence.

By aria, December 14, 2014.

Sitting in a corner, all alone, no one notices her ever, no one even knows she's there. This girl is named Beth and she sits in the corner and does her work. She never talks and she never gets up unless she has to. When we work on group or partner projects she works alone. All the other kids say she has no emotion and doesn't show a passion for anything. Maybe that's just her personality or maybe she's empty inside, emotionless.

By bailey_keller, August 18, 2016.