People act as if negativity is bad, sometimes it is, but sometimes it's how we truly connect to another person because we see that they care. To say I must always be positive, never express a downward emotion, an anxiety or fear, is a sort of toxic positivity that isolates me. If I can't be the real me and say what I really feel in a safe space with people who respond with empathy, I am alone regardless of how many are around me. Most of the time I am a positive person who helps others and is optimistic. Most of the time I'm working well and looking for chances to help others and myself, to develop my talents and be a positive contributor to society. But... sometimes I'm having a bad day, or worried about something, or needing to vent. At those times I'm simply looking for the emotional equivalent of a hand on the shoulder, not a fireman's lift or for the other to solve my problem. We all need a sense that we are in this together as a team, that we are not a team of one, that our existence matters and our efforts are appreciated. We need a sense that others really see us, the triumphs and the challenges, and love us just the same. So those who will never tolerate a negative emotion, who act as if bad days or anxiety isn't acceptable, that's toxic positivity and it needs to stop so we can be real and make honest connections.