Let us find more truth in our words, for our words are a reflection of our culture. Radical, means to find our true roots, to find love, honour and kinship with humanity and creation. We can think of "roots" as akin to the roots of a tree, feeding with water, the symbol of truth. When we consider "extremist," we hear something else, "ex-tree-mist," that in such actions a person has left the tree of creation entirely and entered a world of mist and fog, that they are lost in paranoia, hate, fear and lies. Every branch of extremism I ever saw began with a radical step, a noble attempt to find truth and love, yet they then become extremist, lost in the "mist" and detached from the kind of love that protects us all and promotes the most heroic aspects of humanity to develop. A true radical never becomes an extremist, they denounce extremism and enable populations to return to core values such as love, cooperation and empathy.