In every branch of extremism there is a dose of radicalism, perhaps that is why the terms have become confused and conflated; they are, however, opposites. Each group took a step on a path that contains a core truth and then became lost in a maze of fear and paranoia. Each group appears to react to the most extreme elements of others, thus accelerating their descent into extremism and hate. Radicalism is the cure for extremism because it can take each group back to their first step, their radical first step, and show them the right pathways forwards from there, helping them to seek the core truths of society and humanity in soulful and noble ways. When all groups are helped in such a manner they find themselves naturally on the same pathways as one another, united and in agreement. Thus the perfect peace negotiator is a psychologically mature radical who is able to hold fast to love as the supreme first principle. If you want a real shot at healing the world and nations, I'm here. I can do it. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith, and I pray you take it while there is still a world capable of being saved, capable of establishing a present that has trajectory toward true global peace, social health and sustainability of creation.