Peter rubbed at his worn scalp like it was a bother to him, his voice coming out just the same as it did after smoking and whiskey. "Taryn became her deepest fear, though I tried for years to save her. At night she would dream of walking corpses, always blind. Don't you see? It is what she became - dead on the inside, lost in her own prison of hatred. I can't save her anymore. She is my failure - though I know you don't agree. " Olivia noticed the expression on her own face and relaxed it, letting out a small sigh. Peter gave a half smile, eyes still sad.

"Olivia, my lovely child, there are many paths we can take in life, yet we only walk one step at a time. It is the most any of us can do to take maximum care with each step. After that we can forgive ourselves our own failings, knowing that we did our best. I don't feel guilt about Taryn, nor sadness to the degree I did before. But it is still loss, one I am learning to walk away from, to make a new positive future. So you see, it is my failure but not a burden or guilt, no more than failing any other impossible task."


Hideo steadied himself. A Falcao never stumbles. That's what his father used to say, anyway. They were a family of strong men and strong women. Fur of iron, soul of steel. Brave.

He wondered what his father would say if he saw him right now. It wasn't possible, of course. He was dead, sunk into the sea with ten iron weights. A northern custom. Jun would say that the spirits of the dead are still here, walking around as ghosts. In the wind and the trees and the rocks. But that wasn't a Cygnat belief. The dead were deep in the ground. An eternal slumber with either the sweetest or most hellish dreams imaginable. He didn't know what his father deserved.

Hideo Falcao had stumbled. What he didn't know was how far he was destined to fall.

By dino, March 19, 2015.

I told her not to do it, but she didn’t listen. She did it anyway. Against my own will. Mountains upon mountains of pressure threatened to rip the pit of her stomach, to rip open the disgusting truth. She typed these sickly words on the keys and cried as the depressing piano music drifted across the room. Her very presence exemplified the epitome of shame. Her moral compass had once again lead her heart to the depth of darkness. She sank deeper and deeper in the infinite darkness. She longed for hope that perched in the soul and sang the tune without words. But she was sure that this was worse than chilling lands Emily encountered.

A sliver of light flickered and she eagerly reached out to capture what once was lost but found that it slipt through fingers like sand being sifted in a sieve. A sharp, broken sob pierced the air as she screamed and clawed her body until it bled. Her mind could no longer find solace in isolation. Her hands feebly reached out, yearning for human warmth. But it was useless. She was alone once again. She closed her eyes and heaved her last thought as the darkness consumed her.

By abirdinflight, May 26, 2015.

I think everyone should know that it's okay to fail. So many people are afraid of failure they don't even try. Instead they join in with those who believe they are not capable of what they want to achieve. Nothing is impossible if you can think it you can do it. Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. Those who try to do something and fail exceed more than those who do nothing and succeed. Every failure in life should be a stepping stone to build on. I can honestly say that I am most proud of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. He's given me the vision to see that you can fall down, but still get back up. I will learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do.

By nehaakhann, December 1, 2015.