Tinkle, pop, rustle of leaves, a voice like a thousand tiny bells, sweeter than bird song, a voice as soft and whispered as the swaying grass, buzz of tiny wings beating, almost soundless, singing like tiny angels, a laugh like the high notes of a flute, a chorus of voices no louder than the buzz of a bee, giggling like notes softly struck on a glockenspiel.

By angela, March 21, 2012.

To someone not accustomed to it the sound of the fairies can be mistaken for the sound of the wind in the trees. But when you listen more closely you can hear that it is more like the chattering of voices that are rather higher than our own hand have a sing song quality to them. Once I called out to let them know
i was there, an invitation if you will. Then the woods fell silent, eerily so. It was as if they all held their breath until I was gone.

By terripotts20, October 18, 2014.