Dear Humanity,

We can feed the world.

1. Convert all coffee, tea and tobacco plantations to the production of nutrient rich foods, of local cultivars with rich genetic diversity, for the local population. Only when they are fed and healthy is the surplus exported. These products have no nutrient value, but are addictions. Only when needs are met should we grow such luxuries.

2. Convert to modern agriculture as a matter of expediency, use the new methods of hydroponics and aquaponics that use 10% of the water older methods did. The Dutch have made great strides in increasing production.

3. Learn agriculture from Israel, we can use solar powered desalination and new techniques to plant the desert, to make food where there is plenty of sunshine.

Feeding everyone, stopping the twenty-one thousand deaths of children per day from malnutrition related causes (thats about seven 9/11's a day of all children) is a simple matter of making new choices. If we went to a new planet and assessed if it could support humanity, we would ask the scientists, not the bankers. We can save everyone. Are you ready for the greatest rescue mission in history?

Kind Regards,


P.S. As an added bonus, when the price of coffee and tea exceeds the value of heroine and cocaine, and no legitimate farmer will plant it, what will the drug dealers plant? So what is the most effective use of the "War on Drugs" money?


Let's take global food production out of capitalism, then look at the world as farmers, scientists and engineers. Let's figure out where we can grow what in a way that is optimally good for us and planet Earth. The solutions that can arise from this kind of cooperation in the spirit of fraternal love will astound us.