The malnutrition that leads to over twenty thousand child deaths per day is a rolling holocaust of the world's babies. They are the new "Schindler's List" and there will come a day when we look at our materialism they same way Oskar Schindler came to see his gold watch at the end of the movie. We will see the shallowness of our advertising industry and our egotism this way, how we preen while others die. This world can produce enough food for us all. Can you imagine all the people as John Lennon did? Can you imagine how different they could be if they had enough food, shelter, clean water and love. Can you imagine the world when communities heal and humanity reemerges as a gregarious and social species who love and cherish each other? They are all the girl in the red coat and we can rescue them. Can you imagine such a way of living? The newspapers daily explaining how many kids we'd saved, the new food production techniques and photographs of cultural festivities and joy? Can we start to imagine how we can feel about ourselves when we step into this heroic version of ourselves and fill the boots that are waiting for us? Love is our answer, it always was.