She was flawed, I could not deny that. Her breathing problems were in result with the improper placement of diaphragm, the skin over some joints were so stretched that they wore into bone, her regeneration cycle wasn't rigged properly, her sleep cycle was a mess, so on. But I hated just how much she berated herself for such, it was never her fault. She was a female of flaws, and yet the most perfect being I ever knew.

By athiyahta, May 5, 2014.

Flaws. Boy, was he full of them. The scar above his cheekbone. His coldness towards people. His ability to scare away anyone that looked at him. However, that is usually only how deep people saw into him. But she? She saw him fully. She saw past all the nastiness that consumed and and saw what he truly was.


Because was is a human being without their flaws? She knew that the flaws of those around her, no matter how hideous they are, make people who they are. They make everyone individual and their own person. And a being with flaws is a beautiful one. His flaws were the main reason she ever fell in love with him, and not some measly prince who has their whole life handed to them with a gold crown. She loved him, flaws and all.

That is what true love is.

By Alyssa McDonald, June 20, 2015.