The galley slave sat in a puddle of his own sewage on the bench. His hands were raw with blisters and the skin his back ripped open by the whip. Without proper food he knew he wouldn't last long, was he that expendable? Was he as easy to replace as a damaged tool? The shackles around his ankles were heavy, and after the thirty hours he'd been sat there to work no sleep had been permitted. His thoughts became random as the delirium set in and he lost track of where he was or the consequences for misbehaviour. Standing up abruptly he struck out at the overseer, one punch made all the stronger by the adrenaline in his system. The man crumpled to the deck and the slave stepped back, bewildered and unsteady on his feet. In minutes the other overseers were there in force and they rained down blows on him until his blood soaked the wood beneath him. He was tossed into the ocean before he took his last breath and he sank unconscious beneath the briny waves.

By ryanthomas36, October 17, 2014.

In order to punish them for attempting to escape, according to the law, their noses and ears had been cut off, and even more than this, their beards, heads, and eyebrows were completely shaven; nothing could be more hideous than the faces so disfigured.

By descriptionari, July 2, 2012.

Found in The Knight of Malta, authored by Eugene Sue.