A hundred and sixty-six feet long, eighteen feet wide, narrow, slender, and scarcely rising above the level of the sea, she resembled an immense black serpent, sleeping in the midst of the waves. In front of the parallelogram which constituted the body of the galley, was scarfed a sharp and projecting beak-head, six feet in length.

By descriptionari, July 2, 2012.

Found in The Knight of Malta, authored by Eugene Sue.


The wind gusted, falling in that worrisome gap between productively pushing the ship to it's destination and stirring the sea into a fury. Either we would make excellent time or be hurrying to take down the sails as the ship does figures on eight on white tipped waves. The galley was only crafted a few months back and the timbers are strong, the sails are tough and still brightly coloured, unbleached by the sun. The salty spray is already wetting the deck, yet I'm not surprised given the small clearance between the deck and the ocean. Leaning on the rail my eyes are glued to the swell beneath, even being able to swim wouldn't help much in there. Then turning to the prow slicing our way through the blue I see that the mist in the air has led the sky to bleed into the water, there is no horizon. As the sky darkens above I say a little prayer. Then, feeling like the fragile mortal that we all are, I return to my post.

By chun, October 17, 2014.