When others see gloom, I see the world in silver-blues. When they see freezing rain, I see a coldness that brings me to a higher feeling of life, more aware of my internal flame. I see them cast their eyes to the ground, their mouth a full frown, when there is a moon above and stars beyond the canopy of cloud. There is a time for sunshine, and a time for wintry sombre hues. Every dance has pause, every song has silence. And so this time, so soon after the dawn, feels more akin to an old movie, one that builds from these blues to the kind of joy that spreads through mind, body and soul. And so I feel the ground beneath both boots, tilt my head skyward, both rooted in the blessed moment and ready for the spring that beckons.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 18, 2018.

Six copper chandeliers with lighted yellow wax candles only partially dissipated the darkness of the immense room.

By descriptionari, July 2, 2012.

Found in The Knight of Malta, authored by Eugene Sue.


The gloom of the wintry day crept into him like the damp into bare timber. It seeped into his pores, travelling to his heart which beat more morosely. Even the bird song came to him as if from a deep well rather than high in the trees. Then from under the steady blanket of grey cloud came a steady rain that moved like a mist in chaotic directions but was thick enough to soak an old man's cloth cap and the newspaper under his arm.

By patriciameadows, October 22, 2014.