The melancholy gives away the exit even as it pretends it isn't there, softly calling me away from all that brings real joy. It tells me that I can't ask for a hug, reach for the sunshine, or take a walk among the soft hymn of trees, hearing how the wind plays in the leaves.


This melancholy is a cloak I can't simply let fall to the floor, and though I hold it so tight I can't find the warmth I need, yet it clings. It is the anchor to my feet, the reason I can't find the surface or the sunshine, that feeling of soft joy that lives in memories that can't rise within.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 16, 2019.

The sun streamed through the windows, yet her mind was clouded with grey. Yesterday had been fun, but today she worried that her friends had really found her boring at the party. Her mood ricocheted between low and lower. She had no energy or motivation to get done the mountain of work that awaited her. So she sat in her pyjamas and turned on the television. After an hour of flicking the channels and eating coco pops she got a text. Her friend was raving about how much fun they'd had and planning a Halloween sleepover. She broke into a grin and replied. After twenty minutes she bounced up and got dressed, the melancholy of the morning quite forgotten.

By binkamundy, October 30, 2014.

The plants were wilting in their grey pots. The grey, scraggy clouds were rolling in. This is a day of melancholy.

By passwordpass, October 9, 2013.


When did it become so insignificant? One word used to be a basis for communication, one word could create or break relationships, and now... it's become nothing more than an acknowledgement of existence. "Hello," to the old man you pass on the street on your way to school, never to be seen again, never again recognised as a person of significance. "Hello," you say, moving past the woman at the desk. And that's it. Tell me, what else do you say?

No one bothers to say anything of meaning anymore. We're stuck in an endless loop, oblivious to the importance of... People. They're just tools in our pointless existence, a way for us to try and convince ourselves of our own importance. We put on a mask of false friendliness, fake a smile and feign meaningful conversation, and then move on, forgetting that the other person was anyone of value.

Well, wasn't that a depressing stream of thought?

"Hello," I reply, aware of the hypocrisy, and then I move on.

By elvishphanlockian, December 12, 2017.