I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. The short tubby character, with the bright coloured clothing, and plump rosy cheeks, who sat on the river bank opposite, had just spoken.
I'd thought him eccentric at first, just sitting there with rod and line, and with the tops of his knees tucked under the end of his white bushy beard, but now I was uncertain.
“Us Gnomes,” he'd said with a chuckle, and doffing his long pointed hat, “don't spend all of our time sitting astride plastic toadstools, you know. We do like a change of scenery now and again.”

By albee, July 21, 2014.

The clever little gnome spoke to the person in chiding tones. The gnome had big eyes with blue hair like all of them. "Comeonletsgobacktoourmountainplease." He was talking so rapidly he could barely be understood. Clever gnomes indeed hiding in the mountain making inventions to rival human technology which were both now in medieval times. "Thiswayquicklyfollowquicknodon'ttouchthatjustfollowmeyesyesfollowme." This came out into a blur of words. What the person saw astounded him. A catapult apparently replaced the stairs. "GetonquicklythenwecangettherequicklyifyouknowwhatImeanyesyesstepupi'llfireitforyoudon'tworrythere'llbesomeonetocatchyouifyoufallwe'llthrowsomewateroverthesidetohelpIknowitsasteepfalldon'tworry." The person got thwarted into the air like a frog jumping.

By thomasg, August 11, 2014.