There are elements of reality that are beyond human abilities in terms of imagination and science, yet we shall tell it as if it were no more than two puddles of liquids, each seeking to expand its boarders. Let us say that one is blue and the other is yellow, where they bump into one another there is a green hue, a blending that neither puddle is comfortable with. This green is the battle frontier. Your world is in such a frontier. The puddles are the god force and the evil force, as such your world is a confusing mess of love and emotional indifference, of profound beauty and profound suffering. In short, the sooner you learn how to pick a side and stick to it, the sooner it the battle will end. When you are conscious of this battle then victory is a matter of time. Every species that awakens choses love. The question, alas, is if the dominant species wakes up in time to save themselves. If not, then the "match" is reset, as callous as that sounds, we are fighting evil itself. That is your reality. Your myths are trying to get you all to that point of comprehension with different settings and names for characters. If you can save creation then you have generations to enjoy thinking about how those myths knit together and what they all mean. Right now, focus on the reduction of suffering, protection of your planet, and increasing love. Think pragmatically. Use science. Think with philosophy that is rooted in love. Once Earth is won, we in the other realms can move on to renovate more hells into heavens. It's what we do.