Inside the charred box, there were three dolls. Traditional Japanese dolls, wearing kimonos. One was burned to a crisp, the second was only scorched on one side and the third was untouched by the flames. When I picked up the doll that had been half-burned, the kimono fell away in tatters.

That’s when I saw the back of the doll. I stared in horror. The name of my friend was carved into the doll’s back. there. The name of my other friend, the one who died, was carved on the back of the doll that was completely burned. The doll that was left untouched had my name carved into it.

A chill ran down my spine and I was left wondering who would do such a thing. Who could have left the dolls in my garden? I don’t have any enemies. There was no reason for anyone to have a grudge

By purplecompton, May 29, 2014.

The emaciated man had dirt and grit all over his clothes and grimy body. His dark grey shirt (which used to be white) was tattered and shredded mainly where his heart should be. I should have taken pity on the unfortunate wretch but instead I felt an unexplained loathing at first sight. Even from the end of the street, I could see his cruel, detestable, disturbing smile in a permanent sinister snarl. Sunken, milky white eyes stared with mindless menace into mine.

Suddenly, the skeletal creature started shuffling towards me like a decrepit, decaying old man. As he got closer I could see that he had a dislocated jaw showing his torn tongue and blood-stained, razor sharp, savage teeth. Unexpectedly, a flame of anger seemed to ignite within him. He let out a piercing screech and charged towards me with ape-like fury.

By dohethan, March 8, 2015.

Hope dies last.

I opened my eyes in a place of incredible cleanliness, as uninhabited as a bird's nest in winter. Instead of seeing people, I saw nothing - no light, no shadows, just empty white. Every surface was dustless and the ceramic tiled floor reflected every detail of the passage. The atmosphere was placid, almost silent, only white noise was hypnotizing me. There were no doors, no windows, only more walls stretching away like some infinite asylum.

I started to sweat, tremble, my heart beating faster. Walking became running in an attempt to find a way out, my eyes following to where the white became darkness. All I wanted to do was to give up, cry for someone to save me. But no-one would, no-one was there. I realized that to get out I had to follow the infinite passage leading into the unknown...

By roxa pro, August 20, 2016*.