Original (by me): "Love hurts" is the biggest lie out there. Love heals, love makes people whole again..."

Use no.1: There are few statements in the world that do more damage than "love hurts." It teaches us to recoil from the very medicine we need to heal. With love even the scars on the soul can be vanquished."

Use no. 2: There was a time I recoiled from love like a brandished weapon. Don't they say "love hurts"? In that dark season my wounds scarred over but never left, ready to be reopened at the "right" trigger. Words can indeed cut. But in the years since I let love in I've found a new truth, "love heals," it is the only universal medicine to bring wholeness. Love is as invisible as the injuries, but as palpable as cool water in a mountain spring.

Use no.3: Learning is often hard, but unlearning pain is almost impossible. I think that's why they say "love hurts." We need love so much that when it is taken away the pain overwhelms and often we ride the road to bitterness, to darkness, to self isolation. We belittle and chide the very thing our souls cry for. It took me so long to realize that it was never "love" that hurt at all, it was betrayal. Knowing it doesn't magic my wounds away, but it at least opens the door to the only salve that can bring me back to being the person I was before, healthy, whole, vibrant, unjaded.