Imagination is painful and tiresome. The ability to create your own world or scenarios which will never happen; can make you fell like collapsing to the ground. The ability to make yourself so happy only to snapped out of you trance by the slightest movement. The pain you can cause yourself just by reminiscing. Your imagination has the ability to mess with your flashbacks making them feel even more horrendous then the true story. So, if you could switch it off. Would you?

By Äiméleä-Grace Barnett, December 11, 2016.

Wow! That speaker was boring. Next one is introduced. It is vice president something or other. He speaks in monotone. I must keep eye contact, and appear to listen. However, I have to get out of here. There. I am in a jungle in Central Congo. Listen, there are sounds of monkeys and birds high in the trees. There is a deep vibrating roar of a big cat nearby. Yeah, is it a tiger or a lion? Okay, a tiger. He moves silently and diligently though the brush among huge forest trees with tangled vines. The tiger moves toward my position. I have no weapon. I can still hear the VP's voice, but he’s sinking to background noise. I enter into the sunlight, and the tiger faces me across a small opening. His stripes are accented in the bright sunlight. Now, I breathe heavily, asking myself, “flight or fight?” I cannot outrun him, and if I make a stand, his paws and teeth are lethal weapons. One swath or one lunge and I’m history, a mast of bones and food for this angry beast. Suddenly, from my right, a lion appears. He is the tiger’s enemy. They lock in a deadly conflict. The VP reports with concern that sales are down, and with sympathy, some jobs will be eliminated. Jobs eliminated? At that moment the lion and the tiger are in front of the speaker’s stand. They viciously attack him, causing uproar, yelling and scattering. But, it is too late for the VP. Then, I realize that the audience is giving the VP a standing ovation, but I’m still seated there grinning.

By wmack99, February 27, 2015.

Bill McDonald.


What if this reality that we perceive is not what it seems? I mean, what if it's not real? We're just imagining it, and because we don't know of any other realities, we stopped here and considered this the one and only that we could experience. But what if we suddenly decided to change it all at once? What if we made a new choice? What if we imagined something different? Something... less limited perhaps. Isn't it funny how we always want to get rid of limitations? It must be our soul, which is separate from the mind. It always rebels against limitations. That is why we want to change the reality. Because it is too limited. I can give a few examples of attempts in here: novels, pictures, comic books, movies, video games, and so on. All of those are nothing but humanity's attempts to escape reality! And they're all good ones. In order to escape your current reality you must create a new one. And you can create a new one just like you created this one - by imagining it!

By dashx, December 3, 2014.