The money-nexus world requires cold indifference to be raised as a false virtue rather than a sin. Psychopathy is the result of constant choices for cold heartedness, a deliberate shunning of the ability to love. When cold is "strong" and loving is "weak" we set the brains of populations on a shifting pattern toward sociopathy and psychopathy. In this socially darwinistic society, over the course of generations, we start to see real decay and rot, all forms of abuse rise, the species and the planet we dominate are thus threatened. Misogyny rises. Chivalry reduces. Racism rises. Cultural and community cohesion reduces. Riches rise in the elites. Wealth reduces for the poor masses. Starvation, disease, war, refugees, harm to the natural world... only a love-nexus can reverse the shift in brain development back to love via neuro-plasticity. Only this way can we endure that sociopathy and psychopathy are disadvantages.


When the cold logical part of the brain holds the child self captive in its own house of horrors, and thus a psychopath is born, indifferent to the self and others, empathy shut off and only the sick forms of joy afforded by cruelty and vice available for their consumption. Because of the mirror neurones the psychopath both assumes others are the same and begins to induce psychopathy in close contacts - the real vampire bite.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 24, 2020.

It is no accident that it is the reptile, the snake, that symbolizes evil in our myths. For these creatures do not require love to raise their young like mammals do. As such they do not evolve an ability to feel love, only to survive. Likewise the psychopath does not feel love, they are an evolutionary throw-back to our reptilian brains, an accident of genetics. But if we do not take the threat of them seriously they will continue to dominate our world, driving us into a hellish dystopia. If we are going to beat them, we the 99%, we must recreate our systems so that “nice guys win,” not the most cut-throat and amoral. We must base all our systems on virtuous cycles or else hang our heads low and hand our children over to a system run by the very worst our species has to offer.

Psychopaths can run charities as shields for the activities they truly enjoy – causing others pain and emotional distress. They take a perverse pleasure in attaining positions of public trust and respect, they are charming and socially intelligent. They don't play by the same rule book as the rest of society and so they win with ease. No morals means no restraints. They are the wolves, but we don't have to be the sheep. We can be lions.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 12, 2015.

Everyone get's dehumanized, Henry, everyone. It can be for your race, gender, age, education, religion... so many reasons. But here's the rub, the real one: teaching us to dehumanize one another induces psychopathy into us. It takes normal folks and makes them not care if others live or die. We aren't born to be that way, we aren't. The creator gives us a soul of pure love so that we can hold on to truth and honour. We are supposed to fight back, stay noble, be kind, think critically and be brave. The only other option is to be complicit in psychopathy with our eyes open; if you do that, my love, not even I can save you. Being the angel of your better nature is your only true defence, there is no manual for this stuff, there can't be one. Psychopaths subvert written rules, yet the power of love is creative and flexible; that's how we win. That's how we were always going to win.


One percent of the world population are psychopaths, unable to feel emotion correctly and are profoundly selfish. World history is a tale of power won through violence, what kind of person would most easily do that? Could it be a psychopath? And once they had dominance what would the rest of the population do? Overthrow them? Sometimes, but then they become trapped by the same system - power kept by fear. But the most popular way to distract the population from rebellion is a "glorious" war. Anything to maintain the power structure is then preferable to peace.

We can't have peace while we keep a power structure designed by a one percent genetic anomaly in our species that induces a kind of cultural sociopathy toward developing nations. Ninety nine percent of people in the world would be peaceful and loving under a system of love and fraternity; they are sweet, kind, they give to charity and search for hope. And the one percent? Treat them well in a loving hospital where they can't do harm. It's time we accepted the instruction not to kill as more than a suggestion, it actually protects our own souls from degradation.

The future is something we can change and it is as simple as choosing a new path outside of the system created by psychopathy. In what system would the ninety nine percent truly thrive? Perhaps one based on Love, generosity, kindness - the things that really make us happy and fulfilled.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 5, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.