Kings and queens are birthed by the universe into society, these monarchs of pure heart whom are born to fly so high. They are beloved and supported. For real royalty comes in the spirit of service to humanity and creation... with stalwart sense of love that people trust. So, to those of political mind, take heed at my words, for to attack kings and queens naturally given to their people will unseat you as surely as insulting a beloved father or mother figure. When you see them being rallied around, defended with passion, you see the emotional need of the community to bond with their true leader. What is more, God given royalty supports one another, raises one another up, makes room upon the stage for all skills, talents and songs that bring goodness and peace. We know this as our reality. This is a human truth. We need them. For if you listen to the average person and to the natural monarchs, it becomes perplexing as to why we lack world peace and cooperation, yet, conversely, if you listen to our current world leadership peace feels impossible and churlish to even hope for. Pure hearts are rising. We are at the gateway of a new world.