We actually do expect the literary inquisition because it happens in periods of war and instability. We expect the rounding up and "shooting" (literal or figurative - depending on where you are) of literary intellectuals because we have the power to make the world anew. The question I would like to pose though, is why? We can make a heaven on Earth. We can bring dignity and a powerful sense of sacredness to every person in the world, we can bring a good future for all mankind. We can bring the love-nexus. We can show that we care for every nation. We can make war a thing of the past. We can solve the problems that are creating poverty, misery and sickness... So, dear leaders of the money-nexus, we should be welcomed as friends who can solve your problems, provide answers and bring societal calm and cooperation. We are the solution, not the problem. We are the cure, not the disease. We have the ability to bring lasting order through positive neurological healing of populations. So... I get it... there are millions and billions of people to care for... that's a huge responsibility... so, let us help. Let us help. Because we will work all our days for that end, for every human, for all of creation. We were born for this. Not for power, yet for service and support. The pen is more powerful but we have the same objective... peace ... thriving cultures... a sustainable world... a future for everyone that has a great standard of living.

That said, dear young writers, dear young intellectuals, please stand back and let the grown ups get on with this. By all means comment, make your opinions heard, it is the leaders are who are always targeted. This is the war of your parents generation. We have the life experience. We have the duty to protect the young. You own the future; let we old ones own the now. For in this battle is the truth of Generation X. Your truth will come later. You will continue the fixing of Earth long after we have passed on. Be safe, we love you. xxx