Here at the W.I.N. we show the correct techniques for release of populations from harmful elements of culture and control. Freedom is best! They must break the harmful loops and route the new comprehension via the creative empathy elements of the brain. Thus, the brain is built better and their own problem solving ability is enhanced, thus society moves toward peace! The opposite is what many politicians and conspiracy theorists have done for generations, they seek to either make harmful loops with fear, or break them but route the new comprehension via emotional indifference, anger, greed and such. While this gets fast "results" it causes long term damage to the neurology of the population - thus it tilts the axis of history to social decay, war and devolution. Yikes!! So, come be our students, dear wordsmith of talent. We are the best there is.


Dear Mr Richard Head,

Ahem. Ahem. It has come to the attention of the esteemed institute of wordsmiths, patent pending, that your banking institutions have been using the words of faith and affection for purposes quite alien to their original purpose. The preliterate societies may not have been able to counter this effectively, they are, after all, solid cerebral short circuits. Who can object to a bit of "saving up?" Ha ha. Well, we do. Effective immediately my good fellow cease and desist the use of the good place words and find some that better reflect the cold and indifferent manner in which you operate this fictional construct of yours.

We'll be checking in on you. We are sure we can bank on your support. In the great balance of life you'll do what's right and hold yourself to account. Well, gotta go, as they say, time is lives and we all only have a finite resource of that. For now I will rest my fountain pen in the holder, the teller will take great care of it. If you need any more tips I can always write you a note, promise!

Good oh, toodles, hugs!!!

Truthfully Mrs Peabody's (not yours),

Mr Peabody


Expensive (Dear) Megacorp,

You stink! This is St. Ink of the Wordsmith Institute of Nanowordology. My word! My word is my bond! Words bind. Do you mind! Mind? Mind what? Do you? Confused, con fuse? No! I lit the fuse. You have know wit and I am a no wit at tall. Where was I? Where are you? No? Whitbury? Nah? Wit sec? Nope. Wait a sec, megacorp. Quick head count. Forget it. It's over. You are now meagre core, we are Mega Corp!!! Dear, dear, priceless me,

I have found my precious,

All the beast,

Ray Sing-Greene
Chief St. Ink Group,


You can never tell what lies below the surface.
You can (n)ever tell the lies below the "Sir" face.
You can ever tell the lies below the "Sir" fay see.
Lies are always on the sur face, on top, right out there in the open for anyone ofay with the old way of speech.

Face - "Fay" see - the faeries who can tell all from face, who hear how the truth is always spoken, always coded for in all speech. You can't lie to a fairy, Sir.


"FISH is part of the natural ability of the relexicables, yet we renamed it so that the STEM community can relate to what we do and collaborate. This is team work all the way. However, FISH comes from the science term Florescent Insitu Hybridisation - glowing "junk" DNA is used to find genes in related species, to highlight their locations. This is what our relexicable "Lore and Order" troop do to catch those who think themselves invisible. We use nanowordology to glow up the speech that identifies perpetrators of evil crimes. The truth is always coded for in speech, it is part of our human evolution and the bad guys can't alter that one bit. The abilities we've had for thousands of years can find these markers and expose them. Now, tech enabled, AI enabled, we are the hunters of the hunters. Wherever they are, whatever dark corner they cower in, we light their asses on fire with glow sticks. FISH baby, don't need bait, it's all hook. Then it's all up to the regular police, army, law and order guys and gals to do their thing in the same way they always do. FISH is an enhancement, an extra search engine, and we always give aid to those who ask, to the vulnerable. That is what abilities are for. No capes, just capers for the good force.


The wordsmith of the institute pondered, "'Ladies' is an odd word, is it not? Formed as if it were 'lad and dies,' as if it were the bit in the mouth of a horse being steered. For the son will protect the mother, and the mother will protect the son. And so in 'ladies' or 'lad-dies' each will become fearful for the other at the most primitive level. It sounds as if it could be an old binding spell from centuries ago when the upper classes were a brutal mob. Generations ago all this was common, the pen is more powerful. A word such as this is an antique from antiquity. They are the ways both paupers and kings were controlled. Alas. This word is quite the corker though, it is as if the word is a double ended sword, very tough to get a handle on, pun intended. Ha ha! God, I'm funny. Ahem, moving on. 'Gentleman' is a good word, perhaps we should say 'gentlewoman,' seems fair."


"As far as we can tell this far since the event, for the signage of the Magna Carta they brought in a powerful 'evil wordsmith,' or 'bad wizard' as they called them then, to take control of the king and enable them to take control of the people. Everyone involved is dead. Nobody to hang for this treason. However, the result was the word 'rent' took on an entirely new definition. 'The rents of the land,' in the days of John Locke, or 'rent' was the produce of the land, and they changed the definition to convey a concept that what they produced was owed to another even before they produced it! Ha! Scoundrels! They were scoundrel days! Anyway, the bell is about to ring and I'm starving, so, unless there are any more questions from the class?"


"Here at the wordsmith institute of nanowordology we look at questions that have two meanings that ping opposite parts of the brain simultaneously. For example, when you see this phrase clearly:

'What's in a name?'

It sounds the same as:

'What sin, ah name?'

While the prefrontal cortex is preoccupied with answering the first question which is a pondering of philosophical reflection that people say in perfect innocence all the time, the fear part of the brain (all puns are pinged simultaneously) ignites very primitive fear drivers regarding 'sin' - this is particularly powerful in those raised in religious homes.

Additionally, the word 'name' brings ideas of family, these are close connections to 'mother,' 'father,' siblings and such and so it powerful. Thus these words bring a multi-ping to both notions of guilt (real or imagined) and to childhood memories (our most strong loving bonds), as such it is a short circuit between these areas. Additionally, and this is important, the question is acting in the subconscious while the PFC, the guardian of the brain and psychology, is distracted. As such, it can leave the brain vulnerable both healing and harm techniques. Tools are always good in trustworthy hands!! Anyway, back the phrase!!

While we regard 99.9999999% of its use of these phrases as innocent banter (because they are!!!), there are those who use such phrases to hijack the brain - (more on this in criminology 101), though they typically invent their own rather than stick to such stock phrases. We regard this particular example as a relic!!! This is why the wordsmith institute was born, to raise awareness and bring social evolution in language to reduce such cerebral events. Each one we miss is a 'paper cut,' yet over lifetimes they amass to bring injury to brain development. Some people are more sensitive than others to these things and so we emphasise the use of kind words whenever possible, especially with children.