The London sun shimmered above like a polished shield, as if it could shelter me from my past. Yet the buildings dominating the land and skyline were cold, monochrome - not a hint of green anywhere. This city was so different from my home, so claustrophobic. I abandoned looking upward to gaze through the crowd: business people, tourists, students, kids and dossers (just what I hoped not to be). Everyone knew what to do... except me.

By its_me, February 10, 2017.

London greeted Alex like an old reliable friend. Red buses, black cabs, blue-uniformed policemen, and gray clouds...could he be anywhere else?

By hiccup, June 3, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Eagle Strike, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


The tone of the painting is muted, the style reminiscent of Monet. Each stroke had a smudging quality that rendered the image watery, like a reflection in a rippled puddle. The scene is a street, London I'll bet, the umbrella bearing pedestrians battle against rain and the red double-deckers and black cabs rumble by. It reminds me of Oxford Street, looking out of a rain-splattered window at the rivers of people that moved in each direction. Like in this painting they moved so randomly, pushing against one another, flowing, like water. Perhaps to this artist that's what we are, small drops in a sky full of rain, each one looking out and saying to ourselves “Wow, that sure is a lot of rain.”

By Angela Abraham (daisy), January 10, 2015.

Suddenly the clouds rolled back and the late morning sun brought the whole city, shining, into view. There was Battersea Power Station, standing proud with it's four great chimneys still intact, even though much of it's roof had long ago been eaten away. Behind it, Battersea Park appeared as a square of dense green bushes and trees that were making a last stand, fighting back the urban spread. In the far distance the Millennium wheel perched like a fabulous silver coin, balancing effortlessly on its rim. And all around it London crouched; gas towers and apartment blocks, endless rows of shops and houses, roads, railways, and bridges stretching away on both sides, separated only by the bright sliver crack in the landscape that was the River Thames.

By hiccup, May 7, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Stormbreaker, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


Life, movement, noise. Stone, brick, churches, monuments, bridges spanning the Thames, murky brown water, tourists, crowds, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, rivers of traffic, Nelson’s column in Trafalgar square, flocks of pigeons, immense blackish stone lions, red double decker buses, tube stations, London underground, hustle, bustle, Oxford Street shops.

By angela, December 24, 2011.