My soul has been at sea for so long, it has forgotten the feeling of land. As time goes by the hazy recollections return and with them the longing for the feeling of soft grass beneath naked feet. There was a time, after a storm, you see, that I tried every and any port, for the gales were so horrific it felt that my boat would shatter, and it did. It broke into more pieces than can be counted and I learned to live underwater. As time went by I became a mermaid, half fish, half woman. And so, as I find your safe harbour, as you call me to come, it is simply taking a little time to reform legs, to learn how to walk again, to trust myself enough to leave behind the briny waves and make for your shore.

The shameful truth is that this lost soul was deliberately sacrificed by those who could have saved her with ease, by those who sat upon sturdy boats, refusing to throw a rope, to lend a life raft. They watched the drowning and heard my screams all from so close at hand. It was they who closed off all of the ports, spreading word that I deserved the salt water in my lungs. And so, I know it can hurt for this to take so much time, but if I didn't want you so very deeply, if I wasn't so sure that you are my home and the one I've been searching for, I wouldn't be trying so very hard to reach solid ground once more.