I'm not into rules, creative types aren't, are we? But lover, I will tell you this because I want us to last into eternity. I won't share you. I can't. I'm built for many things but polyamorous situations aren't one of them. My lover is the centre of my world, my everything. Together we take care of one another, take care of the kids, have a good life with friends and family. But a man such as yourself will have women after him, of course you are. So, no affairs either physical or emotional - and you get the same from me for always. So, that's my hard rule. If that's not okay then we part ways before this begins. I'd prefer that to a broken heart because I'm already in love with you. Going deeper is only fair to one another if we want the same thing.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 3, 2020.