I never met a lover before who made every other man appear as if he were a two dimensional paper drawing, men who would melt in the rain and burn on the first rays of a strengthening sun. And this confidence in your soul, in who you were born to become, as the man who stands with me, is the finest love letter I can ever write. For words are only the crude tools of emotion and it is my heart you have won.


In this new life I only seek the sun in the sky and the light so freely given, the days of needing support of others are over, I can well support myself and approve of my own blooms. So keep your old love letters, burn them if you wish, for this girl learned how to love herself.


"Upon the wood that was once the timbers of a barn, the wood that was once apart of the chattering forests of the hills, I write a letter of the kind of love that gives birth to entire worlds... of the kind of love that protects all the stronger in times of need."

Romance / Contemporary

We do not belong to one another,
Love has no possession.
We are not in love,
For love is not a cage.
We are not two halves,
For love makes us whole.
We see one another's imperfections,
Love is not blind.
Yet my love is your salvation,
And yours is mine,
Instead of open wounds,
We bare silvery scars,
Healed by acceptance and nurture.
This love we share,
It heals us both,
Granting the strength for us to be,
Who we were born to be.


Dear Love,

I love you with my aura, placing it about you like the deepest star-filled sky. Space and time have no meaning for my love, for it is boundless, eternal. It is a love that self-sustains through even the meanest of winters, its own heat and light being the warmth, the hope. Even if you were cold to the core, my love, I would wake you like the spring wakes a flower and watch you grow, watch you bloom. Everything that I am is yours... all I ask is that you take care of yourself in the same way you would care for a person you love completely, in the same way I love you.



A letter to my love,
I have never been very good at talking. Whenever I try to express the emotions whirling in my soul, my throat tightens blocking me from saying anything. So I will write. I never should have let you go, I realize that now. I chased after things that looked good, or women who were pretty but never truly had a place in my heart. You were always there for me every time I chased after one obsession or another. You quietly stood by my side supporting me. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I loved you, you were more than just a best friend to me. I could tell you things easily and you just listened. You always made me laugh. I thought I had my life figured out, but I didn’t. Without my knowing from the moment I first saw you real love began to take shape in my heart. I only truly realized it when I saw you at the homeless shelter. You didn’t know I was there, but I looked at you then and realized that I loved you. You were so different from the other girls I chased. You cared. Love radiated in your heart spilling out into the lives of all those around you. You weren’t just pretty on the outside you had a beauty somewhere deep within.

By twilightlover77, March 10, 2017.
Romance / General

Dear love,
You do not know who I am.

Every night I dream about you,
I drown in the ocean of love.
Every time my thoughts wander,
they always come back to you
Every time I see you,
your angel carved face makes me want to cry.
Every time you speak,
my heart literally stops.
Every time I doubt my feelings,
all I have to do is look before I fall back under your spell again

You may not know me, but I know you. I love you.
Someone forever yours.

By matilda, November 21, 2017.

You may not know
But I'm blushing behind my cellphone.
You may not know
but I smile inside every time I see you.
When I message you I look five to five seconds to see
if you answered me.
The butterflies in the stomach go euphoric
Even when you're not around.
I try to hide every time you say I'm cute
And I feel like I'd hug you until forever
When you try to hide your embarrassment.
I may be crazy,
You may be blind
But all I want is to hold you tight.
It hurts when you say goodbye
When all I wanna do is talk to you.
But don't worry, I won't bother you.
I'll just keep everything inside
And think avout you in insomnia nights
When all I wanna do is cry.
Because there's a little light that still warms
the depts of my heart.
No, you won't know about this feelings.
No, you won't understand it,
Neither I do anyway.
I'm sorry but
I won't put a letter in your shoemaker.
I won't declare myself to you under the sakura tree.
Because I know if I declare to you,
it'll hurt you.
Such an amable person
doesn't deserve this pain.
You may find someone who's love is better than mine.
You won't even know this poem exists
And you don't need to.
But if by a chance you discover its existence,
I just want you to know that
This is my silent "I love you"

I'll miss you... M.K.

By annelyriemshine, March 25, 2018*.