Michael and I seemed to have a silent conversation as we stared into each others eyes. I finally look away, tears threatening to blurr my vision, when a hand encircles mine. It was soft and warm, reassuring almost, as If the owner of that hande sensed my desperation. "Kayla, I want you to promise me something," He whispers, his expression utterly serious. "I know you didn't mean what happened back there, but you clearly want to talk about something. So, whatever it is, just come out and say it."
,"It's nothing, It's just that Things were getting a little," I paused, silently staring into my favorite forest green eyes, "But we eventually just worked it out."
"You really mean that?" His lips were turned up into a tiny smile, as he held me tightly to his chest. "Yes, I do." I whisper, capturing his lips into a kiss that felt just right.

By aria, December 31, 2014.