I guess I'm a born word-detective, it tickles me. I took my mission, my me-shun, my duty that shuns myself, in order to achieve something for others because it felt right. There was something about it that warmed my core, brought a surge of energy that was more pure than anything I'd felt before. It gave me a fire, a passion that went from spark to bonfire within. I love the meetings (me-tings) too, the chance to feel that "ting" of energy with others, to give some of this internal flame and see them become brighter.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 17, 2018.

"Sarah, the body will heal damage to the body. The mind will heal damage to the mind. Yet mind and body are related. The health of one promotes the health of the other, damage to one causes damage to the other. It is in your nature to self-heal, for your soul is one of love and laughter. When your body hurts, your mind will find hope; when your mind hurts, your body will bring joy in movement. The hardest times of all are when neither are possible and you must depend on others who will never give to you. It is not that they won't give to anyone, but they will leave you to die both emotionally and physically. This is what your life will be, what all your lives will be, until you bring him home safely.

Life is going to be hard for you, so very hard. The feat I set you, Sarah, your task, is akin to asking a motor to start itself. I am asking you for a miracle because it is the only way to win this war. You will have to will yourself into a positive cycle with exercise, meditation and self care after each injury. The world will tell you you are nothing only because you are so much, because they will see the love in your eyes and be afraid, suspicious. They will punish you for being so beautiful, so clever and brave. They will be without mercy. This will be true until you find him, because he will resist until he breaks. Only your love can rebuild him, make him whole again, because he is your soul-twin.

But when you win, you will win so much. You are not a beggar without a party invitation; you are an angel in chains - more powerful than you can imagine. For this isn't the dark power that always needs to feed on others, this is the power of love - infinite, eternal. That's why the world will feel stacked against you, in a way, it is. Yet all those who scorn you, who stand in your way with blades of malice or indifference, are the ones who need you to win most. Love does not stand on the mountain top to conquer, but to offer both hands to those below, to friend and foe.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), July 14, 2017.