God's messenger was called on the explain disease and viruses, if God is real why do we have such things? The messenger looked back, her expression grim. "I've read before statements such as 'If God is omnipotent He is malevolent and if He is not, then He is not God.' Well, here's the thing, God is not omnipotent, you've all been asking for (been lead to expect) too much for a very long time. I read that statement as akin to saying 'If my Dad isn't the strongest man in the universe, he isn't my Dad!' Grow up."

"God does His best every second of every day to bring about peace, love, heaven on earth, but He's stretched to the limit trying to care for billions of people and the rest of the planet. He isn't limitless, but He is God and He loves every single one of you unconditionally. He is beauty beyond measure, He is pure love, He is amazing and I love Him. He is the One True God, but that doesn't mean He is the only player in town. He will love you no matter what, but He's asking for your help. Without you choosing the side that is Love - not fear, hate, vanity, greed, sloth, envy - the world will become more hellish. He won't ever go, but He'll be stretched so thin that eventually He won't be able to reach you anymore. He has faith in humanity, every single one of us, as individuals, He seeks a personal bond with you that is Love. So with no threat of hell, with no promise of everlasting life, will you be His hands and feet? Will you work for Love? Because He needs you to choose to be kind and loving. He needs you to help Him save His Earth and humanity."